In some way or another, our lives have been touched by the three things that make the Y community so strong: youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. By knowing each other's stories, we're able to catch a glimpse of all the hope, strength, and determination across the country and how everyone's living the Y's values.

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The YMCA has become a part of my daily routine. . .

My husband and I come to the Green County Family YMCA three times a week. I especially enjoy this time together and I do enjoy starting my day off that way. I enjoy the fitness classes that I take, my instructor challenges us every day with many things I would NEVER do on my own. She has been a very positive influence on my exercise routine and makes me want to stay committed and actually has me looking forward to class. I have established a lot of close friendships with some of the YMCA staff and several people that also attend the Y. The YMCA has made a very positive impact on my live and my family!

Green County Family YMCA Member

The YMCA has been a life saver for me. . .

I had gained a lot of weight and was looking for a facility that I felt “at home” so I would be comfortable enough to workout. The Green County Family YMCA has been that place since 2008 for me. I love the fact that it is small town enough for me, but has all the latest equipment and staff that take the time to get to know you. I love seeing familiar faces and getting to know people that are trying to achieve the same goals as I am, a healthy lifestyle that starts with a good workout! I am extremely thankful that in such a rural community I have access to the best equipment, staff and resources.

Having the Y to go to each day keeps me motivated. . .

I have been a member of the Green County Family YMCA now for years and hope to be a member for many more years to come.

I have to credit the YMCAs great selection of work out machines for keeping me from getting bored. The classes they offer are diverse and have taught me many valuable lifelong tips on how to keep my body limber and strong.

I have also been able to try many new things that I otherwise wouldn’t have never tried if not for the Y. Zumba is one of them that I look forward to.

Everyone on the staff has always been so helpful and kind. I enjoy visiting with many of them and the Y members while I am there. I can honestly say that I believe if it weren’t for the YMCA and all it has to offer me, I would not be as active or more importantly, living as healthy a life as I am enjoying today.


I don’t know how to put into words the impact that the Y has had on my life. One year ago I could not walk 25 feet and now a 1/4 or 1/2 mile on the treadmill is no problem. The staff is very helpful and really seem to care. My Phase III cardio rehab is going great and I look forward to just getting better.


Green County Family YMCA Member


Hello, my name is Alylssa and I am a special needs adult. My disabilities include both physical and cognitive issues. My core strength and balance is significantly compromised. My legs below the knees are also underdeveloped for muscle tone and coordination that leads to imbalance, and often times pain and cramping. I realize the surgeries can only go so far and the rest is up to me to work towards good health and overall wellness. So where I leave off with the medical intervention is where I pick up at the Y. The activities at the Y really help me with maintaining flexibility and strength and ultimately keep my discomfort controlled.

I love to go to the Y to have swimming lessons with Dave. Dave is patient and kind and helps me improve my strokes and stamina at every lesson. I also work with Carol, my personal trainer. She has helped me so much it is hard to really quantify. She makes my workout so much fun; it gives me energy and mental alertness.

Carol and Dave both make me feel like I’m the most important person in the world during swimming lessons and work out time. Just having independence, confidence, stamina and special friends is the goal I’ve set and the YMCA is a significant part of my plan to achieve my objectives.

Thank you, Green County Family YMCA, for having such a powerful influence in my life.

I decided that this is the year to make some changes. After a little over three months of coming to the Y regularly, I have started to lose weight and already feel so much better physically and emotionally. I love coming to the Y - everyone is very nice and helpful. I have been doing personal training with Chad. He has been a great help to me in not getting discouraged when things weren’t going along as I thought they should have been. Because of him, I stuck with it and have seen great results. The YMCA has been an invaluable tool for me to use to make changes to better my life. My husband comes with me also and it is so fun working out together. We are starting to train for a 5k which is something I never would have imagined myself doing before.


Green County Family YMCA Member

The YMCA is a positive and fun place to be. . .

The Green County Family YMCA has been a positive place for me to go physically and mentally. I see my doctor every year for a checkup. I must say I have been getting good reports. My doctor told me to keep up the good work exercising. I have met so many cool people at the YMCA that I believe I might not have ever come to know if it wasn’t for me working out at the YMCA. I would like to thank the donors and sponsors for making it possible for me and my family to become members of the YMCA.


Green County Family YMCA Member

The Green County Family YMCA is One of the Best Things That Ever Happened to Monroe!

I have been a member of the YMCA for 17 wonderful years. I come to swim once a week. Swimming makes me feel very good about myself; not only physically, but mentally and spiritually too. Being in that nice warm water kind of floats away any tension or worries that I might have. It has made me a healthier and a more active person because of the physical activity. Thank you to the staff for making this an enjoyable place to come to.


Green County Family YMCA Member


I rejoice when I come to the Y. I reflex on my thoughts and prayers and the workout is great. The Y truly benefits all of me . . . body, soul and spirit. It’s a win-win time in my life.


Green County Family YMCA Member


I have been a YMCA member since 1995. While working out at the YMCA, I have won bench pressing and body building contests. I have made many friends at they. I recommend the Green County Family YMCA to everyone; they have something for the whole family.


YMCA Member

The Green County YMCA has helped me gain and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In the spring of 2011, I decided to embark on a lifestyle change. At over 300 pounds, I knew I had to do something. By the summer, I decided to join the YMCA after losing about 50 pounds on my own. The flexible hours, variety of classes, and friendliness of the staff is what drew me in.

I have been a member of the YMCA for over a year now and have lost an amazing 150 pounds. What keeps me coming back is that my workout can be different every time I visit. I can swim laps in the pool, jog on the track, or use the large variety of equipment in the fitness center. My husband and I also utilize the childwatch service that the YMCA has to offer. Knowing that my daughter is well cared for helps me get a good workout in.

I thank the YMCA for being there for my family and know we will be members for years to come!



The programs that the Green County Family YMCA offered was one of the factors in our family’s decision to remain in Monroe. Our children were involved with flag football, Gator swim team, basketball, soccer etc. Our older daughter’s first job was as a life guard at the Y. To say the least, the principles of the YMCA reflect the same principles that my husband and I committed ourselves to in bringing up our children to be respectful, honest, caring and responsible adults through team sports.

My personal goal is to keep myself healthy so I can prevent any serious illness or disease. I am actively involved in strength training, cardio, walking/running and maintaining my core in order to control weight and prevent heart disease. It is a daily commitment for me as I want to be here for our grandchildren. We sure like the Y; have for many years. It was a commitment my husband and I made for the benefit and growth of our children in order to see them become adults with integrity and character which we believe is evident in their lives today. They in turn are both committed to serving others in their communities; principles they learned at our YMCA.


Green County Family YMCA Member


The Green County Family YMCA is a great place. The Y core values have taught me to be honest, responsible, to have respect, and to care. This place made me meet. . . I’m estimating at about 30-40 friends! I’ve gained the skill to run and my sister has learned to shoot hoops better. I think, wait I know, the Y is a FABULOUS PLACE!

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