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Gators Swim Team

Season Starts on October 25th and runs through March!

Our competitive swim team exists to benefit all children who show an interest in training and competing. Our program meets the needs of the novice competitive swimmer to State Champions and National Qualifiers. Staff provide swimmers the opportunity to excel through a structured, encouraging, and supportive environment. Success is the result of a solid foundation of the fundaments of proper stroke technique and balanced workouts.

Children are placed into one of five different levels, based on age and ability. In order to be on the swim team, the swimmer must have an active YMCA membership. Are you interested in joining the swim team? Please contact Nicole Wenger at

*It is National Y-USA policy that in order to be on the team, your child must have an active YMCA membership.

Benefits of Being on the Team

  • Practice 4 competitive strokes in a fun environment that helps swimmers improve their skills and grow from a novice swimmer to a competitor.
  • Foster a life long love of the sport of swimming, while we grow and train young swimmers to become well-rounded individuals, both in and out of the pool.
  • Develop self-esteem and a positive work ethic.
  • Create lasting friendships and become role models for others.
  • Implement a healthy lifestyle.

Competitive Levels

Swim meets are in the process of being scheduled!

Level 1 (Approximate Ages 5-8)

Must be able to swim a full 25 meters of freestyle and backstroke continuously. Level 1 practices 2 times a week for an hour. This group serves as a bridge between basic swim lessons and competitive swimming. Swimmers will focus on the very basics of the four competitive strokes, as well as starts (dives), turns, and finishes. Having fun is the most important part of this group! 

Level 2 (Approximate Ages 7-10)

Must be able to swim a full 50 meters of freestyle and backstroke continuously. In addition, they should have the knowledge of all four strokes. Level 2 swims two times a week for one hour. In level 2 Swimmers will continue to develop strokes and skills, working towards being able to complete a strong 100 IM.  Swimmers are also introduced to some specific ‘swim skills’ such as reading a clock, understanding basic sets, etc.

Level 3 (Approximate Ages 9-11)

Must be able to swim all four strokes legally; specifically a 100 IM. Swimmers should be able to swim longer distances and more frequently. Level 3 swims 3 times a week for 90 mins. This level is where the commitment to the sport of swimming begins. Level 3 will have a continued emphasis on strokes, skills, and technique, but within the context of longer practices and sets.  Competition is emphasized more than in younger groups.

Level 4 (Ages 10-13)

Must have four legal strokes and have swim times that are within the 9-10 state standards to be able to swim in this level. Level 4 will meet 3 times a week for 90 mins.. In level 4 we will work to increase consistency in training and competition while still refining stroke technique. Although attendance is not required it is recommended to try and make 3 practices a week in Level 4.  

Level 5 (Senior Group)

This group is for high school or senior swimmers who are experienced swim team members. They perform strong, efficient strokes. They also have the physical strength to endure the distance expected at this level. Level 5 meets 3 times a week for 90 mins. Focus in this group is on technique efficiency, training intensity and strength conditioning. Although attendance is not required it is recommended that you make 3 practices a week. 


Pricing for Gators is based on how many days of practice a swimmer plans to attend each week. Swimmers should attend practice on the same day each week unless special arrangements are made with the coach.

Practices: Mondays – Thursdays                   4:15pm – 5:15pm

  • 1 practice per week: $30/month
  • 2 practice per week: $45/month
  • 3 practice per week: $60/month
  • 4 practice per week: $75/month

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