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YMCA Gems Gymnastics

“I’d rather regret the risk that didn’t work out, than the chances I didn’t take at all.”

– Simone Biles

Y Members Only

For girls planning on competing in the 2021-2022 season.

The Gems Gymnastics Team offers talented young woman a chance to compete in
gymnastics meets at the state and national level. Gymnasts in Levels 1 – 10
plus Xcel can join team. The competitive season runs October – March, with
approximately 10 meets on the schedule. Gymnasts compete against other Y’s
from the state of Wisconsin at these meets.

The Green County Family YMCA’s approach to teaching gymnastics is unique and
works to build self-esteem and confidence by providing successful experiences
for each gymnast. Gymnastics offers many physical, cognitive and psychological
benefits. Skills children gain from participation in gymnastics will continue
benefiting them throughout their lives.

Level Advancement

Every gymnast is tested throughout each session to ensure they are placed in
the class that will be the best fit for them. All gymnasts progress at
different rates. If you have any questions regarding your child’s placement,
please contact our Gymnastics Director, Dawn Lederman.

How to Join the Team

In order to be on the Gems Gymnastics Team, the gymnast must have an active YMCA membership. Are you interested in joining the team? Please contact Dawn Lederman at

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